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Why Notting Hill Is The Ultimate Movie To Keep You Cozy This Winter!

How can you go wrong with a romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant? The simple answer is you can’t. This charming little movie stole our hearts.Like most good romantic comedies, everything about Notting Hill is an absolute dream. Oh, you’re a world-famous American actress, wealthy and beloved by millions? Neat. And you’re staying in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in London. But oh no! You collide with a guy in the street and he spills orange juice all over you! Life is ruined! But wait a second. He’s an adorable, British independent bookstore owner with a group of quirky friends and charming one-liners and the face which is THAT good.

It is also a reminder that no one is immune to heartbreaks, disappoints and even bloke divorced guy deserves a happy ending. Everyone has been whitewashed equal with the unparalleled force that is attraction;Affection. Status and power and fame and wealth, beauty don’t matter. Whether single or not this movie will surely make you ask for more. The story may be a little far-fetched but then again, isn’t it always the way with romantic comedies?

And Julia Roberts’s “just be a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her” swooned us!