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When A Girl is her Own Enemy (Part Une)

When my 5 year old niece vaguely mentioned she wants to get thin, I was horrified.Constantly hearing words like gym fat shirking clothes in her surroundings  she constructed a notion in her mind that being not thin is something that is not acceptable, just like crossing the road alone or going anywhere without informing. Another 14 year old revealed that she eats little more than normal during marriages, so to balance out she reduces her food proportion vastly for preceding 3 or 4 days. According to her once you go out of shape, it is a task to get back. These might be mundane details of our every day life but this scenario doesn’t look very healthy(pun intended).

We live in a world where much emphasis is placed on how women look and the bar is constantly raised out of reach. Comparing ourselves to a Victoria’s secrets model who have  spidery long legs, tan skin, or full D cups is not justifiable.  These women are employed to work out, wear makeup, and walk a runway: they are not a legitimate comparison to the average woman. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our best to be healthy and beautiful. But it does mean we stop filling our minds with an unrealistic expectation of beauty. It sends a message that if we only looked like this we would receive attention, success, and opportunity.

Nobody uses pure models anymore, all magazine and marketing firms add another element: Photoshop.

Another reason: Social Media. When teens log on to social networking sites, they see cherry-picked photographs and seemingly flawless social lives. Because people can select which images of themselves they want to present, they often choose pictures that display their best physical qualities. People viewing these images might be overwhelmed by their own apparent lack of perfection. Direct negative effect to an average woman :

•These ridiculous photos, when combined with other issues, can lead to low self-esteem, a poor body image and eating disorders like anorexia, all of which can be serious issues that can take years to battle and overcome.
•No one can have perfect skin, a size 0 body and flawless features, though we fool ourselves into thinking that it’s achievable. When young girls see their role model on the cover of a magazine conforming to these images, they think they have to as well.
•Huge amount of insecurity distracting us from the greater goods of the life.
But its Us who have accepted unrealistic beauty standards, who have let social media play such a HUGE part in our life. Beauty, Fashion industries will never stop selling.  You have the power to choose the Good.
    You deserve happiness and love and success in life simply because you are. You are more than a body. You are capable of much more than being looked at. You are not a decoration. You are YOU on purpose. You have things to do that no one else can do. You have a life to live and happiness to find and love to give. The world is more beautiful because you are here and it has nothing to do with your looks.