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6 Underrated Reasons Why Its Awesome Being Single This Holiday Season.

This Holiday Season can be an upsetting reminder of single relationship status. And how could it not? With three “romantic” holidays right in a row how can they not be reminded of being single with mistletoe, midnight kisses and cupid slapping them in the face? But, being single during the holidays doesn’t need to be bad thing. In fact,being a single lady during the holidays is the best way to be.

1. You Save A LOT of money by not buying presents for your substantial other half. 
Buy yourself something instead. You deserve it.You can take advantage of all those sales and get yourself something fabulous. The only crazy family you have to gift is your own. May your wallet look nice and full.
And you don’t have to pretend to like cheesy gifts your significant other would get you.

 2. You can eat and sleep HOW MUCH EVER you want
Basically every holiday gives us much needed opportunity to sleep for 14 hours straight and loading on those carbs.Ýou can freely stuff your face. Think Theobroma’s Caramel shortbread brownie or extra loaded nachos at your favorite italian tapa. You are unrestricted and unaccountable and you don’t have to impress anyone or be frikkin on time.

 3. Hell, you can do whatever you wish.
No one can judge you for watching pretty woman or the dark knight series again when you curl up in a big, cozy bed. Or when you check your social media for upteenth time and misuse your time. Do whatever you want, whenever you want. You don’t have to answer to anyone(except your parents).Cheesy couple holiday cards are NOT on the agenda. You can be as quirky as you want. You don’t need to impress anyone with sexy, holiday-themed outfits, you are good with your over worn sweat pants.

4. No awkward moments with your partner’s family and friends.
No worrying about getting along with everyone and staying civil during conversations. And oh you don’t have to pretend to like your S.O.’s weird friend group during holiday parties.

6.There’s No Undue Expectations.
Expectations for the holidays are already unrealistic—single or not. It’s rare that everything will go smoothly but being solo does take part of the pressure off because you hold the power to create your own special day. The best part is that all the choices are in your hands. If you want to spend the evening sipping hot chocolate and watching a reality show marathon you can do it.

5.Focus on YOU and make it a leverage to give you a head start on your goals for 2015.
Its your time. You can be 100% selfish in a good way. Finally learn excel which you wanted to, meet that friend you have been neglecting for months, prioritize self-care. Write down everything that you learnt this year.Give yourself a deserved closure. Make a full proof plan to achieve your targets next year. Be thankful for the fresh start ahead of you, filled with new chances, new trails and new experiences.

6. ..Have more months until you have to worry about it again. Thank God.


Your relationship status doesn’t have to decide your holiday cheer or your life. Spend time this season reflecting on the past year and what you want out of life in the future.

Merry Christmas And A Very Happy New Year In Advance!