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Appearance is something absolute, but reality is not that way.

It baffles me that the first thing we notice in the person is his appearance. There is no getting around, we are better off being good-looking. Outer Attractiveness outweighs a person’s esteem, confidence, but of course acquired knowledge, quality of being radiant, character, essence and so on.

Even Outer Attractiveness requires general validation.Which includes having symmetrical face, structured jaw line, attire bought straight from Chanel’s runaway, luscious mane and a body of an actress from that photoshoot( Even the girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like the girl in the magazine).

And if you change your appearance, people will go at great lengths to debate whether you did justice by chopping of your locks rather than discussing close call of scottish independence referendum or rise of ISIS or recovering markets despite of global and political uncertainty or the IPTL Sania Federer game. And some people do art and craft as hobbies. We Judge. We take no time in judging a person’s mien.

It is truly a challenge to make your voice heard in a society where you are rated on the basis of your fairness, weight and that ass!


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